Fabien 8 Cinemas

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Project summery

Fabien was in need of custom menu boards & a preview screen before feature presentations

Originally we worked with Fabien on new menu boards to help attract customers to their snack stands. 

Once we completed the first project we developed a few videos to be shown before the movies. We sent .mov files to be approved and we reformatted all videos to be DCP so that they would correctly play in the projectors. 

Projects highlights

General Design Drawups

We provided fabien with some general ideas to see what would be the most effective for their clientele

Full Digital Design

In just a few weeks we were able to put together a design for 3 seperate menu boards to display over the snack stands

Digital Cinema Packages

We worked with Fabien to create a few videos to play before the featured presentation. We created a "silence your phone" video as well as a "welcome" video.

Skills & technologies

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