3 Brothers Bistro

Web design

Project summery

New Website Design

3 Brother’s Bistro is a small family owned restaurant with two locations in Montana that specialize in Pizza, Sandwiches & Steak.

They were under a strict budget so we had to work with that to provide a website that would work for both locations & create an online presence in various networks.

We helped optimize their different listings and worked alongside with Yelp to drive more traffic to the two locations.

Projects highlights

Planned Website Design

Working with the owner, we put together a full plan and showed general layouts for the owner to choose from

Collected Images For Website

Using a combination of live photos, videos & stock images we were able to establish a look to represent the brand quality.

Finalized Design

Once first draft was completed we worked with the owner to ensure his satisfaction with the work provided.

Skills & technologies

Web Design

Combining our knowledge of coding, photography & information provided about the business we were able to develop a responsive website & social media pages.

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